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[Images above and on the App, with addition of a Blue Moon, are reproduced from an early version of Amazon's
Kindle for PC, which by some measure of genius changed four times a day to reflect the time of day at the user's location]

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What is Kindle One Stop?

Kindle One Stop is our Portal which provides a One Stop Service to Kindle Authors, ESPECIALLY those newbies wanting to BE an author.

The elements of the Service address the whole process from formatting and cover design, to marketing, and even to "counting the money". And there is healthy mix of "we do it FOR you" and "we SHOW you the DIY way".

Formatting & Covers [Service]

At Covers Are Us we provide "turnkey" Formatting and/or Cover Design Services for Authors at very reasonable rates.

Formatting & Covers [DIY]

Or if you would rather Do It Yourself, but need assistance, we provide The Bible on Word to Kindle, Tutorial style Kindle books to take the Author through the whole process, in essence translating the Amazon Guides into a step by step pictorial guide.


Amazon provides methods at their own website to view a sample [about 10%] of each Kindle book, however the Author has no say in where it ends. At Kindle Flip Pages we provide the Author with his/her own WebSite [including a Blog] with our unique FlipPage presentation of a sample in which the Author chooses which pages to flip, and where it ends.

Counting the Money

Amazon provides Monthly SpreadSheet Sales Reports to each Author, but most Authors are far more interested in writing than doing "Rocket Scientist" type analysis to combine all 12 Reports into meaningful marketing information. At Kindle Calc we provide an App that does all that for the Author, even if he/she has never used a SpreadSheet before [and has no desire to learn how to become a "Power User"].